Rae - Operations Director

Hey, I'm Rae! My home town is Wamberal, which is north of Sydney, Australia. I study at the University of Sydney majoring in Indonesian Studies and Asian Culture. As a student I love using UniBRIDGE Project which has allowed me to expand my  understanding and appreciation of Indonesian culture and language, whilst making many beautiful and interesting new friends from all over Indonesia. 

I'm so excited to join the UniBRIDGE team! I love seeing the opportunities and knowledge it has already extended to current students. I look forward to helping this amazing project to further expand to include more participants in the near future!


Lily - Indonesian Coordinator

I'm Lily and I'm from Eban, Indonesia, a small village that is close to Mount Mutis and is 7 hours from Kupang by bus. I am studying Biology at the University of Nusa Cendana (UNDANA). I joined UniBRIDGE Project back in late 2015 hoping to improve my English skills. Since joining, I've made lots of new friends from around Australia. In 2017, I won the UniBRIDGE award to go on a study tour in Australia, where I met many of my friends there, and got to experience the culture and the way of life of Australia.

I love helping people out, and this year as a mentor, I'm really looking forward to meeting and helping many people out.


Rizky - Indonesian Coordinator

My name is Rizky Junior Ully. I was born in Ende, on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Now, I'm studying at Nusa Cendana University majoring in English language education. I've been taking part in UniBRIDGE Project since 2016, and I was selected as an Awardee 2017. I realize that UniBRIDGE Project has a lot of good impacts for students, especially for those who are interested in languages and cultures, and it pushed me to be more active in my learning. I hope, this project can continue to open students perspectives about cultures and languages by providing the online platforms through the UniBRIDGE Project website.


Richard - Indonesia Coordinator

I grew up in Atambua and currently reside in Kupang where I'm studying English Education at the University of Nusa Cendana. Outside of university, I am a keen social volunteer and a private English tutor. Enhancing my English language knowledge and skills, creating connections and making friends are the driving forces behind my participation in UniBRIDGE Project. Since 2014, I have volunteered as a mentor for the project, assisting participants from Kupang and arranging online language & cultural exchanges.

I look forward to contributing to the project by actively participating on the UniBRIDGE Project web-conferencing platform, recruiting and guiding new participants from Kupang, and sharing my ideas and thoughts on the UniBRIDGE Project blog.

Rivaldy - Indonesia Coordinator

My name is Rivaldy Pandie, and I'm from Rote island, East Nusa Tenggara. I'm studying biology at Nusa Cendana University. In 2015, I won the 3rd UniBRIDGE Project award and went to Australia for a study trip and met some of my UniBRIDGE Project friends there. My extracurricular activity is being a volunteer by teaching at some organizations, such as MITRA, "all-3-foundation", and NTT Belajar

I've been a mentor with UniBRIDGE Project since 2015, where I promote UniBRIDGE Project to university students in Kupang and encourage them to study English with native speakers from Australia. This year, I will continue my mentor work and write some articles for UniBRIDGE Project.


Beth - Australian coordinator

Hi, my name is Beth and I’m a student at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland studying International Relations. After finding out I could no longer work in hospitality and needed to retrain I knew I wanted to do something focused on people. I am intensely aware that people are all different and have different needs. I found learning Bahasa Indonesia through UniBRIDGE is a great way to make friends in Indonesia and learn about a new culture. When I had the opportunity to study in Indonesia I grabbed it knowing I already had wonderful friends there and had enough language skills to navigate my way around. I am excited to become part of the team and I’m hoping I can encourage many others to take part in this fantastic learning platform.


Chris - Project Director

I am from Sydney, Australia and my education and career has centred around language education and intercultural communication. My involvement with UniBRIDGE Project began as a student with the pilot program in 2012. Since then I have been volunteering and helping the project reach more Australian and Indonesian students.

My contribution to the project includes strategic growth, stakeholder relations, funding acquisition, content development, student and lecturer support, marketing, events and more.


Doris - Strategic Advisor

Hi, I'm from Sydney, Australia, and I've been involved with UniBRIDGE Project since November 2014. I was drawn to UniBRIDGE Project as it is an excellent communication and learning tool that enables people to connect and hone their language skills by using the latest in video conferencing software.

Communication being a strong point, I thrive in positive and dynamic environments. My background in IT has shaped me in the way I analyse issues and approach problem solving. I like to develop and implement structure where I find it necessary, and I am strong believer in positive management.

I also really, really like helping people. I contribute to UniBRIDGE Project in the areas of digital and print media design as well as stakeholder relations. I am also the Head Editor for UniBRIDGE Project.


Steve - Indonesian Coordinator

Hello, my name is Steve. I come from Flores, a beautiful island in East Nusa Tenggara province. I am a student of English language education at UNDANA in Kupang. I also do a lot of off-campus activities such as youth development activities and volunteer activities. In addition I've been a UniBRIDGE Project mentor since 2015. I help share information, recruit and guide new members to engage properly in the program. After being chosen to receive UniBRIDGE Awards, I was moved to be more active so that more young people and students get involved and develop themselves and to build international relations between students of Indonesia and Australia.

Hopefully this program will continue in the years to come in order to enhance the human resources of youth and students in Indonesia, particularly in eastern Indonesia.


Lilyen - Indonesian Coordinator

I’m from Kupang, Indonesia. Currently I’m studying Public Health at the University of Nusa Cendana (UNDANA). Besides being a student, I'm actively involved in social activities in my hometown. I've been part of UniBRIDGE Project since the pilot project in 2012, and afterwards I’ve volunteered as a mentor program. I’m happy to be helping people and I look forward to contributing by promoting, and guiding the new participants from Kupang, and sharing my ideas and thoughts about UniBRIDGE Project to others.


Rosi Di Wu - Graphic Design

Rosie is an artist and writer who is passionate about travelling, music and cultural matters. As someone who has always suffered from itchy feet, she has backpacked across Europe, Asia and South America, absorbing the languages, tastes and melodies of the cultural worlds she encounters. Having grown up in three different countries (China, Ireland and Australia) she is interested in cultural diversity and interaction. Rosie is also a music-lover and passionate about community projects relating to music. She was interviewed by ABC Lateline for her work with a Melbourne based charity organisation called Music with Mates, an initiative that aims to include migrants and refugees with local live music acts. Currently, Rosie lives in Sydney and is completing a degree in graphic design.


Reymond - Indonesian Coordinator

Hello Guys, my name is Reymond. I just got my bachelor degree in English education at Nusa Cendana university. My dream is to become a good teacher. I consider that becoming a good teacher is not enough if I just study at University, so I have been involving myself in some volunteering activities. To better improve my English, I have been part of UniBRIDGE Project since 2015. it's great to join this program because I got so many experiences with Australian students. Also, I can improve my English, I can help some Australian Students who study Bahasa Indonesia and, more than that, I can make friends with them. I've also been involved in a student community called MITRA (Mahasiswa Indonesia Timur relasi Asing) since 2014. There we have a teaching volunteering program called MITRA KINCIR ANGIN. We have free English courses for some students at Oesapa Mangrove Beach. We usually take part in some international events held by Nusa Cendana University such as BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing) and International Education Fair. I think this is a little bit about me. Thank you very much!