UKBI Test for Indonesian Language Proficiency

What is the UKBI?

How much Indonesian language study do you do each week?

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UKBI stands for Uji Kemahiran Berbahasa Indonesia which literally means Test of Indonesian Language Proficiency. It is the sole standardized test to measure the Indonesian language proficiency of both native and non-native speakers of the Indonesian language. It has 2 formats, UKBI Standar and UKBI Tara. The two formats of the test differ in the number of the sections and the level of difficulty.

UKBI Standar is more difficult than UKBI Tara and consists of five sections namely Mendengarkan (Listening), Merespons Kaidah (Indonesian Grammar Comprehension), Membaca (Reading), Menulis (Writing) and Berbicara (Speaking) while UKBI Tara consists of only 3 sections, namely Mendengarkan (Listening), Merespons Kaidah (Indonesian Grammar Comprehension), Membaca (Reading). The first three sections of the test follow multiple choice format while the writing and speaking sections present visual information such as pictures, tables, data, charts, processes, and graphics for essay writing purpose and speaking assessment purpose. The test can be taken in Balai  Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa (The Language Development and Fostering Agency) and other provincial Balai Bahasa in some regions in Indonesia. The test is now available in paper-based and computer-based formats.

The UKBI score ranges from 251-900 and the grading system categorizes the test takers into different predicates namely, Istimewa (I), Sangat Unggul (II), Unggul (III), Madya (IV), Semenjana (V ) Marginal (VI) and Terbatas (VII).

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