Ramen noodles: English Vocabulary & Listening

Step 1. Study these words

  • ramen =  meat or fish soup containing noodles and vegetables
  • gyoza = food consisting of meat or vegetables wrapped in dough and fried in oil
  • dead simple = extremely easy
  • bare bones = the most basic, simplest form
  • specialty = a particular and unique dish that a restaurant is know for

Step 2. Watch this video and answer the questions below

  1. Is it easy or difficult to order ramen?
  2. About how much does ramen cost?
  3. Do you need to speak Japanese to order ramen in Japan?
  4. What do you do after you put the money into the machine?

Step 3. Discuss these questions with your partner

  1. How often do you eat noodles?
  2. Can you cook? What do you usually cook?
  3. Do you like Japanese food? What other Japanese food do you like?
  4. How often do you usually eat out?

Photo by Janice on Unsplash - UniBRIDGE

Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash