Coffee - English Language Worksheet

Step 1. Study this vocabulary

  • espresso - strong coffee made by forcing hot water through crushed coffee beans and served without milk
  • stimulant - a substance, such as a drug, that makes the mind or body more active
  • caffeine - a chemical, found in tea and coffee, that is a stimulant
  • insecticide - a chemical substance made and used for killing insects

Step 2. Watch this video

Step 3. Answer these questions

  1. How much coffee do people consume each day?
  2. Which countries buy the most coffee? In total? Per person?
  3. Is a coffee bean a bean or a berry?
  4. How many coffee beans is needed for one shot of espresso?
  5. How does caffeine help the coffee plant?
  6. How many human deaths have happened because of drinking too much coffee?
  7. What is a benefit of drinking coffee?

Step 4. Ask your Australian language exchange partner these questions

  • Do your drink coffee or tea?
  • What is the cafe culture like in your city?
  • Where do people often hang out in your city?
Coffee and study

Coffee and study

Three cappuccinos

Three cappuccinos