UniBRIDGE Project Award for Australian Participants

UniBRIDGE Project Awards

UniBRIDGE Project Awards - Indonesia

Thousands of Australians and Indonesians have engaged in online language & intercultural exchanges via UniBRIDGE Project since 2012. Over that time UniBRIDGE Project has also awarded financial support for Indonesian students to travel to Australia and visit the friends they have made through online, synchronous video & voice communication (web-conferencing).

UniBRIDGE Project Awards - Australia

In 2019 we are introducing UniBRIDGE Awards in order to recognise the Australian participants who are leading the grassroots bilateral relationship building between Indonesia and Australia. People who are enthusiastic and dedicated to language and intercultural exchanges with their Indonesian peers. In 2019 we intend to give 14 dedicated Australian participants one each of three Levels of UniBRIDGE Project Awards. There will be two Level 1 Awards, two Level 2 Awards, and fifteen Level 3 Awards. There will be two rounds of awards announced in 2019. The deadline for consideration in the first round will be 1st October 2019 with an announcement made by 15 October 2019. The deadline for consideration for the second round will be 1st December 2019 with an announcement by 15 December 2019.

More Details: UniBRIDGE Project Award Eligibility and Conditions


  • Level 1: Return flights to Indonesia

  • Level 2: Web-conferencing headsets

  • Level 3: Tenun ikat coin purses from NTT

There will be 2 Level 1 Awards. 2 Level 2 Awards. 15 Level 3 Awards.

Awardee must:

- be a student of a participating Australian university and be registered with UniBRIDGE Project.

- use UniBRIDGE Project Rooms to regularly record language / inter-cultural learning sessions with Indonesian participants.

- record at least six exchange sessions of at least ten minutes in length each, in order to be considered for Level 1 and Level 2 awards.

- write at least one 250-word article for the UniBRIDGE Project blog in order to be considered for Level 1 award. The article should be about the participant’s experience with the Indonesian language or culture.

Flights are return from an Australian capital city to Bali or Kupang and will be issued in the form of a voucher, which must be used for travel to Indonesia, issued from a travel agent selected by UniBRIDGE Project. Flight vouchers will be up to the value of $1000. Web-conferencing headsets valued around $60. Headsets will be bought by UniBRIDGE Project and posted to Awardees. Tenun ikat purses are from in Nusa Tenggara Timur and they will be posted to Awardees by UniBRIDGE Project. Awardees receiving Level 1 acknowledge that they are responsible for all aspects of their journey, including but not limited to, booking flights, travel insurance, visas, and other expenses and considerations. Awardees will be chosen by the UniBRIDGE Project management team. UniBRIDGE Project reserves the right to refuse giving awards if management see fit.