By Romibo Rumaikewi

IELTS in an English language proficiency test. It helps you to move abroad to study or work among other things. However, it is not necessary to present your IELTS score when you’re travelling abroad for leisure. But here are seven reasons why IELTS might be helpful for your international journey plans.

  1. IELTS is an absolute requirement for most working and studying abroad options, although the minimum score varies from one institution to another.
  2. IELTS is accepted across the world. Find out if your institution/workplace/university of choice requires you to have IELTS score here 
  3. IELTS examines four skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. In my opinion, it represents what you get to do in English speaking countries. Especially for studying purposes. All studies at English language institutions require these skills. At university you will need to write essays, give presentations, listen to lectures, and spend much of your university life reading in the library.
  4. It is not only a grammar test. Check out the public version of writing task 1, writing task 2, and speaking band descriptors to give you the insight of how you get assessed
  5. Another fair point that IELTS offers is that the spelling is either American or UK English. So you do not have to worry about writing down “organisation” or ”organization”
  6. The speakers in the Listening test and the examiners in the Speaking test have various accents, they might have New Zealand, Australian, American, or any other accent. So that you can reach English on a global scale through taking IELTS
  7. In my opinion, the most exclusive thing about IELTS is the form of the speaking test. It is one-on-one interview. So that you do not get disturbed by anyone or anything else.