Business English: Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension

Step 1. Preparation

Study these words: Can you hear them in the video?

Step 2. Listening & Comprehension

Watch this video and then answer the questions below

  1. How did Gary feel when he turned 30 years old?
  2. Where is Gary filming this episode?
  3. Does Gary think that listicles are bad?
  4. How important is it to create the perfect name for your business when you are starting out?
  5. What is Wine Library TV
  6. What is Gary’s question of the day?

Step 3. Discuss your ideas with a language partner

Use these questions to get you going

  1. Would you like to own your own business? What would you name it?
  2. Is it easy to start a business in your country?
  3. Do you like reading listicles? What kind of online articles do you usually read?