Boost Your IELTS Speaking Score

By Romibo Rumaikewi

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Tips for IELTS speaking test from an IELTS teacher

1. Talk more than the examiner. 

  • A good tip to expand your answers is to give reasons and examples. For instance, you might get a question such as "Do you like your house?". Do not just briefly answer it with "Yes, I like it". Give reasons and examples. 
  • Another tip is to answer it in a timeline. This gives you a mark up, particularly in grammatical range and accuracy, for using different tenses. For example, if you get questioned about your favorite food, you could answer "When I was a kid, I really liked pasta, but now I prefer pizza. I also would like to try sushi because many of my friends recommend it for me"
  • When talking about places, do not assume that the examiner knows where it is located on the map. One simple technique is to explain how to get there. For instance, you might get asked about your hometown. You could explain that it is five hours flight away from the capital of your home country. 

2. How to explain about things that you have no interest in or comprehension about

  • Often in an IELTS Test, we face topics that are different from our education background, or work experiences, or our interests. An environmentalist might get questioned about politics in an IELTS Test. You could say "I rarely watch or read the news about this topic because usually I pay attention more to .....". At least you produce English to be examined. 

3. Spell non-English words

  • If you get asked to describe some places, or food products, that are not English words, you should spell it. For instance, "Last year, my family and I visited my aunt in Surabaya. Surabaya is spelled S-U-R-A-B-A-Y-A.".

4. Self-correction will not mark you down

  • It indicates that you are aware of grammar or pronunciation errors. A lot of people will correct their tenses to past or present.


You can also see the public version of  IELTS Speaking Band Descriptors to guide you on how your speaking is assessed.

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