Exchange Students Visit Challis Primary School

On Friday 22nd August, two Indonesian University Students, Albert and Lilyen, visited Challis Primary School for the day. They were on exchange in Australia for a month from Kupang, the biggest city on the Indonesian Island of Timor.

In the morning, Albert and Lilyen were 'bintang filem' (film stars) for Ibu Holland as she filmed them speak and act short Indonesian role plays. They enthusiastically wore costumes and used props in videos that will be viewed in Indonesian over the next few weeks.

After lunch, Albert and Lilyen joined a Year 7 and Year 4 class in their Indonesian lessons. They presented a 'live' role play to the Year 7s and Lilyen taught the students an Indonesian dance to some very, groovy Indonesian music. Some students were so excited they were asking where they can get the music from! The Year 7s also enjoyed having Albert and Lilyen assist them make their own scripts for their upcoming role plays to be presented to the class. All students were immersed in the lesson and before we knew it, the hour had drawn to a close!

Our VIPs then visited the Year 4 class and enjoyed being a part of an Indonesian singing, chanting and interactive lesson. Firstly, they listened as the students sang English songs adapted into Indonesian ('Kalau kau senang hati...'). Albert and Lilyen then watched as students practised their newly learnt 'kata kerja' (verbs) with Ibu Holland, along with repetition, actions and plenty of dramatic actors-in-the-making! Finally, they watched as Year 4 played games that revised key vocabulary. One of these games was called Gunung Merapi which encouraged all students to participate and practise their Indonesian numbers.

Challis Primary School would like to say a huge thank you to Albert and Lilyen for visiting us and making our day so enjoyable! Thank you also to Colleen Thornton-Ward for organising this great opportunity for Challis. Sampai jumpa lagi!

Siobhan Holland
Indonesian Teacher
Challis Primary School & Forrestdale Primary School